Thursday, January 24, 2008

Creator Celebrated
O Lord, my Father
              Beloved Bridegroom
When I am stilled
in awe-struck wonder,
bereft of speech and conscious thought
able only to feel
       to retain impressions;
when I gaze and reflect
upon each exquisitely crafted detail
of the creation of a single grain of sand
and cower at the terrible knowledge
of an incomprehensible visible dimension,
I see gases in planetary conflagration
reduced to a single glittering point in a
       black velvet heaven
and hear the collision of clouds echoing
       across the continent.
Your incomparable might
       celebrated outside time
       and space
then - ah, only then!
       will my spirit rise within me
       and give voice to the overflow of my heart
exulting with all the bowed
heavenly chorus: proclaiming
"My God - my Father - my
Great is Your holy name and
greater is the Creator
than all His creation.
       and amen.

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