Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Girl of Glass
Photo: "Shards" by *ether

is a fragile piece of glass afraid of its invisibility
as i am?
in my mind i know i am loved yet
in my heart hides a scared lost little girl
so fragile, vulnerable,
afraid of losing
that precious love, that belonging
ashamed she does not deserve it but
scared of being pressed aside unnoticed
forgotten in the wake
of a real girl
prettier, brighter, gentler, sweeter,
more vivacious, sparklier, smarter, happier,
more alive
twirling around the floor in her shiny dress
drinking in all the attention
showing me as dull and drab and unimaginative
and i am convinced
once again
that i am so much less than others
so easily bypassed, forgotten
and dismissed.
i quiver in fear.
i am so afraid to be ignored.
my courage flees.
i am afraid to tell you i crave your attention
afraid that will run you away
and i will cease to be.

Photo: "The Invisible Girl" by Michael J. Armijo


Anonymous said...

just wanted you to know that you're not invisible. (see? i remembered to check your blog!) (insert eyerolling emoticon here).

Anonymous said...

your not invisible yet. i saw you.