Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lessons from the Grave
We buried my roommate's sister today. Nancy was a lovely, loving woman who smiled constantly, and I don't mean a simpering "Mona Lisa" smile; I mean a big, broad grin. She loved Jesus and she loved talking about him. She would tell you all about her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and she meant every word. She honestly had the faith of a little child.

Nancy had cerebral palsy since birth. The last several years she lived in a nursing home and was confined to a wheelchair. Her right arm was virtually useless, and her vision was fading. It didn't matter - she smiled and laughed all the time. Her heart was simply overflowing with joy. Her circumstances just never seemed to matter to her.

One of her caregivers asked her a question once. "Nancy, you are always smiling, always laughing; don't you ever get sad or depressed or blue?"

Nancy's response was quite enlightening to me, and I intend to take her lesson with me. "Yes, I do get sad sometimes when people are not nice or when I think of my situation, but then I remember who I am. I am God's child. He is my heavenly Father."

Well said.

Enjoy your crown, Nancy. It is radiant on you.


crossgirl said...

Funny, I just read your post but yesterday, while working on a cross, I painted "God's Child" on the mirror in the middle. Pity it's too big to ship out to you.

FuckED said...

update your blog, woman!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to journaling about those new found revelations?